The future of demolition

The construction industry is undergoing a dynamic era of rapid innovation and sustainability. Construction equipment manufacturers are starting to ressemble Silicon Valley tech firms with their autonomous machinery, telematics and electromobility. As new creative technologies emerge, manufacturers are upgrading products to enhance machine uptime and lifecycle values in conjunction with unique environmental and customer solutions.

The UK’s first battery-powered excavator from Volvo came to the UK earlier this year with more likely to follow. This type of machinery produces zero exhaust emissions, significantly lowers noise levels, reduces energy costs and improves efficiency, all of which allows the industry to play its role in helping the environment.

As construction gradually moves over to battery-powered machinery, the use of robotic demolition will also continue to grow. The global construction robot market is projected to increase at a CAGR of more than 16.9% between 2021 and 2027*.

A combination of stricter regulations, workforce shortages and the unique ability of demolition robots to tackle jobs that are risky, time-restrictive or labour-intensive have created the hype around these revolutionary machines. They are also quickly paving the way forward for contractors facing projects with weight and size restrictions or when diesel isn’t an on-site option. Their cost effectiveness is influencing an increasing number of contractors to purchase outright as opposed to renting the machinery. As a result of their significant benefits and quick return on investment, it’s not hard to see why demolition robots are becoming the innovative solution to the challenging construction projects of today.

At Acousitic Demolition our robotic equipment comes with the reliable reputation of Brokk and its cutting-edge technology for effective demolition and low maintenance. State-of-the-art capabilities, such as ergonomic remote-controlled demolition and remarkable power in comparison to traditional handheld tools, ensure a much faster turnaround on projects. Our specialist track mounted Brokk machines can crush, break and dig in restricted areas and confined spaces, where operator driven machines simply cannot access. With a strong focus on safety and the elimination of harmful vibrations and emmissions, the machinery also assists us with building a sustainable business – a core pillar of our organisation.

Acoustic Demolition carries out controlled demolition services, both vibratory breaking and vibration free, for a wide variety of commercial and domestic projects. And of course, all our staff are fully trained to ensure the highest quality workmanship. If you’re in need of a fast and professional demolition service for your project, get in touch today.


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