Temporary works

Temporary works is a critical component in the construction industry to allow structures to be demolished safely.  Our operatives who carry out the works are fully trained and experienced in line with the statutory requirements under the Construction Design Management regulations providing peace of mind for our clients.

Supported by load analysis and technical drawings, approved by our clients, temporary works are undertaken in the pre-demolition phase and during the demolition process as the stability of the structure changes.

Our engineering solutions for temporary works include;

  • Back propping
  • Push-pull props
  • Basement retention
  • Façade retention
  • Underpinning
  • Scaffold requirements assessment
  • Hoarding, fencing and edge protection


Structural alterations

Our industry knowledge of how the fabric of bricks, mortar and steel are used to construct, and how they act when altered has empowered our people to undertake structural alterations with certainty. This is backed with thorough planning and engineering to formulate a suitable methodology.

When undertaking structural alterations our primary concern is managing how the structure will react to the removal or transition of load. We use demolition techniques and temporary works to mitigate these concerns and complete the required alterations. Furthermore, we are adept at mobilising to clients’ challenges in order to achieve the scale of alteration needed.

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