Pre-construction services

Preparation involving plans, surveys and technical designs are all crucial in gaining the trust of local stakeholders and the local authority to ensure a project starts without delay.

By engaging with us early you can be assured that all parties will benefits as the project progresses providing you with commercial and programme surety, and the opportunity to develop value-engineered solutions.

Our experienced in-house, estimating and planning staff are always available to offer confidential budgetary advice on costing, programming and methodology.

Our services, supported by engineering, programming and presentation applications include;

  • Assisting with the discharge of any planning conditions
  • Preparation of construction phase health and safety plan
  • Preparation of demolition management plans
  • Environmental baseline monitoring
  • Preparation of Section 80 Demolition Notice
  • Undertaking hazardous material and demolition asbestos surveys
  • Preparation of method statement and logistic plans
  • Service disconnections
  • Intrusive investigations
  • Party wall surveys
  • Temporary works design
  • Neighbourhood liaison
  • Attending meetings for technical and commercial support
  • Obtaining other permissions and approval required to carry out the works

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