Health & safety

Meeting our client’s health and safety expectations as well our own is something we value significantly which is why it is embedded in our work.  We invest our time to ensure staff have the latest demolition training competencies so that projects are delivered safely, but also that the wellbeing of our staff both physically and mentally is a number one priority.

How we manage risks

Environmental goals

We are continually striving and seeking new ways to help the environment during our working day. Currently, where practical, we make use of crew bus vehicles to take multiple operatives to site to reduce diesel usage and Co2 emissions and any offsite parking in residential areas.

Plans are in place to implement environmental awareness training for all our site operatives and office staff. Acoustic machinery (Non-Road Mobile Machinery. NRMM) are all fully compliant with the current Low Emission Zone areas in London and these will be monitored as the development zone is expanded.

We are now using a fully paperless iAuditor system for all site documentation. This web-based software system can convert all existing files into any inspection/work related forms and lets our team collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved. This means that all our projects can be independently audited through this smart technology.


We set ourselves high standards which is something we value significantly. This has been recognised within the industry through our awarded accreditations which we are proud to have achieved. We are conscious of what is important to our clients, therefore we continually strive to uphold health, safety, environmental and quality standards we have been recognised for.

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