Sunbury Street, Woolwich

Client: Vision Homes

Role: Principal Contractor

Site: Redundant nursing home on Sunbury Street, Woolwich

The project

Vision Homes appointed Acoustic Demolition to demolish a redundant nursing home to make way for new apartments. The project required careful consideration to neighbouring residents.

The solution

Security on site and noise were key concerns of the project. The site was therefore fully enclosed using a 2.4m high timber hoarding with security provided by a specialist security company. The elevation adjacent to Sunbury Street had a protective scaffold installed which was clad in monarflex and acoustic barriers to dampen noise emissions to the surrounding residence.

Non-notifiable asbestos as removed followed by a complete soft strip of the building. The site was then demolished using a 21t demolition excavator, with all arisings from the demolition crushed on site and stockpiled for the client’s later use.

To complete the project the Acoustic team were instructed to pile probe the entire site footprint before designing and installing a piling mat, in preparation for development.

Further comments

Acoustic Demolition was also responsible for discharging all planning conditions and pre-commencement duties.

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