Asbestos removal

It is extremely important that when asbestos is present it is removed by a specialist licensed contractor as asbestos fibres, when released into the air can cause serious diseases. Our team are fully trained to remove asbestos in the safest possible way and have the experience to manage and dispose of asbestos as part of your demolition project. The removal is carried out to ensure the next phase of the project can continue, safely – this is often soft strip.

Our asbestos services include;

  • Licensed and unlicensed asbestos removal
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Removal
  • Disposal

Soft strip

Soft strip demolition involves the removal of non-structural elements of a building which is integral to facilitating demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling.  This can include anything from walls, ceilings, windows, stairs, temporary structures and so on. Acoustic Demolition can carry out your soft strip needs identifying and assessing any safety risks involved before using the required methods to remove internal fixtures and fittings. We will ensure any items that you want to reuse are removed safely without being damaged.

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